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Can come in different forms such as your time, skills, and financial resources. Explore the possibilities! You can make a significant difference that will impact many students in a positive way.

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Volunteer Opportunities
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Fundraising Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Your time is priceless. More than ever, we appreciate so much your helping hands and generous hearts. If you would like to donate time as a volunteer at SFAS, please contact the office.

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Student Scholarships
Numerous students in our churches and community are desirous of obtaining an Adventist education. Unfortunately, their limited financial resources make this dream unrealistic. Your donation towards a student scholarship will help make their dream a reality! (This year's tuition and fees.) student scholarships
Chainlink Fence Replacement
The chainlink fence that separates our property from the neighbors to the west has been experiencing the effects of weathering. Large portions of the fence have rusted away as a result of continual exposure to the salty sea air and year-round fog in San Francisco. Replacement cost: $40,000 (Received to date: $4,200) chain link fence
Wherever It Is Most Needed
Please use my gift wherever it is most needed.


Completed Fundraising Projects

Fundraising Opportunities

Box Tops is such an easy way for parents to get involved in their child’s education. Just by purchasing Box Tops products, clipping the coupons and sending them into school, we earn cash that can be used to buy anything we need. You can find Box Tops on thousands of your favorite products, from Big G® cereals to Avery® office supplies to Hanes® T-shirts to Boise® printer paper. Click here to learn more.

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