Faculty & Staff
Betty Hsue
7th-8th Grade Teacher
Many of you might be familiar with Betty Hsue; she’s not a stranger to our campus. She taught here for more than 19 years, when she retired to help care for her father who had cancer. Over the years since her retirement she has frequently volunteered at our school both in long term and short term teaching positions, and she continues to hold a valid California teaching credential.  After many years teaching in both the private and public school arena she currently substitutes for our school and she is a blessing we do not deserve but so overwhelmingly appreciate.

Melinda Mauia
5rd-6th Grade Teacher

Li Shan Firman
1st-4th Grade Teacher


Support Staff
April Sio
Morning Care
Pathfinder Instructor
This year we add to our support staff Miss. April Sio.  A graduate of Burton High School Miss. April took some time off from her schooling at SF City Community College to help with her family responsibilities.  In addition to the awesome job she does helping us through morning care, she also doubles as a Teacher’s Assistant and a Pathfinder Instructor to our newly formed SFAS Pathfinder Club. She is a member at the SF Samoan SDA Church where she also working towards her Master Guide at her church Pathfinder club
Florencia Tuaumu-Vaili
Administrative Assistant
After School Care Supervisor
Pathfinder Master Guide
We are very grateful to have Miss. Florencia as our new After School Care Supervisor! She studied Biology at Southern University, and completed her collegiate studies at Cal State Hayward.  She is a member of the San Francisco Samoan SDA Church in South San Francisco and she is also an active Youth Ministries Leader and also started SFAS' first Pathfinders Club.

Dr. Heidi Hsue
In addition to the many hats that our Dr. Heidi Hsue wears she is also our school treasurer and an active part of the campus life here at SFAS.  She is an active member of the SF Central church.

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