Absolutely Priceless!
"Up and out the door by 4:30am, my son Selassie & I (kindergardener) are on our way to San Francisco. Many schools are passed by in this 50 minute commute. It's all worth it to get him to the SF Adventist school. At first, I was unsure being that I am not part of this church, but shortly came to find out this is a loving school, Christian based, teaching my son above and beyond all the necessary math, spelling, etc. They are teaching him to be accountable for all his decisions, character building, free violin lessons, growing a garden, teaching him healthy eating habits, and just a well rounded school. Try this school out. I promise you will love the school, staff, lunches, and the overall goal for your child. It's worth a 2 hour commute. The return of what you are getting is priceless!!!"

Aleta W.

So Happy
"When Pastor Mark Ferrell came for chapel, I was happy -- so happy -- that I got to do the opening prayer.  Thank you, Lord.  I love the Bible.  It's good to read."

Henry K., grade 3

Love those stories
"Thank you, Pastor Mark Ferrell, for telling me stories about Jesus.  I learned that I can use my talents for Jesus and I can have fun, but I can have more fun with Jesus.  I hope Pastor Mark comes back to be our chapel speaker and tells another story about Jesus.  I hope he can bring his wife with him."

Edwin M., grade 3

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